Enjoy Stress-Free Dental Exams with Sedation Dentistry

regular dental examinations and cleanings are crucial to maintaining good oral health and catching problems before they become more serious. Unfortunately, many people do not attend regular dental cleanings and exams due to the fact that they are suffering from extreme anxieties about their teeth or had traumatic dental experiences in the past. Here at SoBe Dentist, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with an unwinding and relaxing dental experience. For those who require some extra assistance in staying comfortable, we offer dental sedation. Learn how you can experience relaxing dental exams without stress and receive the treatment you require with San Diego sedation dentistry.

Does this sound familiar?

If any of these statements are familiar to you it is highly recommended that you talk with our dentists about the options for sedation dentistry.

  • You don’t go to the dentist because of unpleasant experiences in the past.
  • Dental exams are extremely painful
  • It’s hard to go to bed at night prior to an appointment with your dentist because of stress and anxiety
  • If you have a powerful gag reflex
  • The smells or the sounds of the dental office can cause anxiety
  • You’re afflicted by a dislike of needles
  • Sitting for long times is difficult
  • You require a lengthy or complex procedure

If you’ve ever avoided going to the dentist because you identify with one of the scenarios mentioned above, you may get sedation dentistry. It can also make you relax at your appointments with the dentist. Even if you’re not avoiding the appointments, if you’re experiencing discomfort at the dentist, we’ll try to make it easier for you. With the San Diego sedation dentistry option and our helpful and welcoming staff, we’re here to provide you with the best experience that you can. We believe that everyone deserves the treatment they require without fearing a trip to the dentist.

Are you a candidate for oral Sedation The Right Choice for You?

We offer one form of sedation dentistry in the dental clinic we operate. Based on your specific needs we’ll recommend if it is appropriate for you.

The kind of dentistry with sedation that we offer for our clients is called oral sedation. Oral sedation is the process of taking a tablet prior to your appointment in order to be relaxed throughout your appointment. We are also able to offer you additional medications that you can take before your appointment to reduce anxiety about your dental visit and to help you have a great night’s sleep. The mild sedative will be enough to relax you however, it will keep you alert throughout your entire appointment. It is possible that you will fall asleep to sleep, but if one of our dental professionals asks you to answer a question, you’ll be able to reply. Most likely, you’ll not recall much about your dental visit, besides taking a good nap.

Oral sedation is an excellent alternative for patients suffering from dental anxiety or who want to feel relaxed and at ease throughout their entire treatment.

It is important to remember that you’ll need transportation between your appointments if using sedation dental treatment that is oral. The adverse effects may persist for a long time after the appointment, but will not cause you to be in any danger to drive safely.

The benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry will allow you to get a relaxing dental appointment. You’ll feel at ease throughout the entire visit! Should you have had a terrible experience with a dentist in the past dental sedation can help overcome your fears. After a few visits with the sedation method, you could be able to overcome your fears so that you’re able to go to the dentist, without the need for sedation.

The most significant advantage of having sedation dental is that it helps patients get the dental treatment they require and preventive treatments, with no stress or anxiety. This can lead to improved oral health and fewer issues later on. When you see us have regular dental exams and we are able to treat issues earlier and prevent further problems from developing.