Can teeth after root canal treatment be used for life? The key lies in these three points

No one objected to saying that the teeth are still the original ones, right? In daily life, many people are accustomed to procrastinating to die after tooth decay, which eventually leads to problems such as pulpitis and periapical periodontitis.

Root canal treatment is the last straw to keep “rotten teeth”. If you don’t accept root canal treatment, you will have to pull it out and make new dentures!

Therefore, under normal circumstances, the professional responsible dentist will generally advise the patient to choose root canal treatment if the dental condition permits, and do not directly extract it. After all, no matter how good the dentures are, they are not as good as the direct real teeth.

But after root canal treatment, many patients will be very entangled, will the teeth after treatment be more likely to be damaged? How to maintain it?

Indeed, teeth that have undergone root canal treatment have a certain service life! Because after root canal treatment, the tooth will become more fragile, and it may break if you are not careful when eating! Therefore, we generally recommend patients to have a crown to protect the tooth after root canal dental instrument treatment, which can effectively prolong the service life of the tooth.

root canal dental instrument
Figure dental instrument endodontics:

A crown is to protect the tooth and prolong the life of the tooth after root canal treatment! In addition, what is the service life of teeth related to?
① Personal habits: such as whether you brush your teeth correctly, whether you like to drink carbonated drinks, whether you like to eat hard food, etc.

② Treatment effect: It is recommended to choose a responsible, experienced and professional doctor for root canal treatment, so as to ensure that there is no need to change doctors during the whole treatment process, and the treatment effect can be guaranteed, which is guaranteed to a large extent .

③Whether to do crown restoration: Doing crown can also protect the teeth that have undergone root canal treatment, including the selected crown material, which also affects the service life of the affected tooth to a certain extent.

To sum up, as long as the above three aspects are done well, the teeth that have undergone root canal treatment can basically be used like normal teeth. That is to say: as long as the teeth are not loose and the gums are not receding obviously, it can be used all the time!