Annual review – Oral Health Foundation

We’re working to improve health and wellbeing by reducing the harm caused by oral diseases.

As a leading charity, our passion to provide education, motivation, guidance and support to millions of people every year continues to grow as we change people’s lives for the better.

And we’re proud to be having a positive impact on thousands of people every year!

Over the past year, our oral health initiatives like National Smile Month have engaged millions about the importance of a healthy smile while our Mouth Cancer Action Month campaign looked to save lives through promoting early detection of the disease.

Our Dental Helpline gave advice and reassurance to around 10,000 people, providing them with information about their oral health, while our Approved Products Scheme continued to grow. We now have more than 150 oral health products across 50 countries with our ‘Approved’ logo.

We also managed to create and supply more than 500 educational resources to drive people towards better oral health and gave independent, trustworthy and expert advice to members of the public, health professionals and the media.

Finally, we continued to take a lead on matters of oral health policy, both in the UK and around Europe. We want to ensure the needs of the general public are being met and we have fought for laws and regulations that will ultimately benefit people’s oral health.

We have had a terrific year, thank you to everybody who made it a success. We could not do it without you.

Please take a look at this short Impact Report, which tells you about our achievements between August 2021 and July 2022.