MCAT Prep by MedSchoolCoach is the Only MCAT Study App You’ll Ever Need!


MCAT Prep by MedSchoolCoach is the Only MCAT Study App You’ll Ever Need!

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Studying for the MCAT exam can be difficult for pre-med students – and expensive. This is no longer the case. MedSchoolCoach launched a new mobile app called MCAT Prep designed to be comprehensive, used on the go, and for a limited time is entirely free.


A Leading MCAT Educator Created MCAT Prep Especially for Future Doctors

Ken Tao is a national authority on the MCAT and is the MedSchoolCoach Director of MCAT Tutoring. He has worked with thousands of undergraduate students in helping them boost their MCAT scores. Before MedSchoolCoach, he was one of the highest-rated MCAT tutors of all-time at Princeton Review. Ken has also written content for dozens of MCAT books and guides.

“These days a typical MCAT course can cost students over $2,000, which many students cannot afford. MCAT Prep provides another study option for students that is both accessible and effective” said Ken Tao. “Furthermore, it’s the only MCAT study tool designed primarily for use on a mobile device. It was our goal to build a comprehensive resource, as opposed to existing mobile applications that offer just limited features.”


A Comprehensive MCAT Study Resource in One Place

For the first time, MedSchoolCoach created an all-encompassing solution built specifically for the MCAT. While institutions like Khan Academy historically have provided great resources for premeds, none provide a solution for a complete MCAT course from start to finish. MCAT Prep is jam-packed with features:

  • Video Tutorials – Watch more than 250 high-quality MCAT videos with 80 hours of high-yield content across all AAMC sections and topics. Most of the videos are shorter than 10 minutes, which allow students to comprehend the material easily.
  • Study Scheduling & Progress Tracking – Students can plan what they need to do each day during MCAT prep and track their completion through the entire MCAT journey.
  • Flashcards – 1,000+ flashcards present a term or concept for the user to define. Flipping the card reveals the proper definition and students can flag cards for later review.
  • Practice Questions – 1,000+ questions that allow students to check their comprehension of the science concepts in each video. Each question also includes a detailed explanation.



Money is No Object as High-Quality MCAT Content is Now Available for the Masses

Today, more than ever, the inequalities of being able to access a $2,500 prep course are apparent. While good content exists for those who can afford it, those who cannot are left to study on their own. Adding to the already expensive process of applying to medical school (not to mention getting through an undergraduate degree), an MCAT prep course is simply not feasible for thousands of prospective physicians.

MCAT Prep by MedSchoolCoach leveled the playing field. The app trial is completely free. Plus, premium features include customizable question banks and the ability to download class notes across hundreds of test topics!


Students Are on the Go, and Textbooks Are Heavy

MCAT Prep was created with mobile in mind. While all students would love to have eight hours a day for ten weeks to study for the MCAT, that isn’t the reality for most.

Between classes, extracurriculars, volunteering, jobs, and family, it is increasingly difficult for students to find dedicated study time. Students can take MCAT Prep on the go wherever they are. Plus, they can also use it while studying at home on a desktop, laptop, or tablet, picking up seamlessly wherever they left off on their mobile device.

No other MCAT course was built with mobile in mind the way MCAT Prep was.


Download MCAT Prep by MedSchoolCoach Today

“MCAT Prep enables MedSchoolCoach to assist a much wider group of students than they can with their one-on-one tutoring alone. The app’s suite of services is accessible to all students, regardless of means,” Ken Tao added. “I cannot wait for you to try MCAT Prep on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.”

Download MCAT Prep for iOS from the Apple Store.

Download MCAT Prep for Android from the Google Play Store.



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